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At The Climatic Group Inc., we believe in “INTERIM CLEANING” which is often overlooked step in Preventative, Daily, Interim, and Restorative cleaning processes. These cleaning processes form a cost-effective cleaning system for all our locations.
Interim Cleaning will maintain the appearance of your floors with low moisture, low chemical encapsulation or targeted hard floor care methods. This increases productivity, creates almost no down-time, and is budget friendly. Interim cleaning reduces the frequency of the more time-consuming, more expensive, and more difficult restorative cleaning such as deep carpet extraction.

Maintaining a consistent and high level of appearance with interim cleaning reduces the frequency of restorative cleaning needed. Encapsulation cleaning is for carpets while a top scrub and re-coat is for hard floors. We have top of the line equipment to carry out the Interim Cleaning at all the buildings under our care. The Climatic Group Inc. aims for long term program objectives by focusing on schedules and Instructions to detail in order to be cost effective