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We have been serving the community since 1987 and are proud to provide exceptional quality of service at very competitive rates to our valued clientele. We also specialize in the Construction clean-ups, sealing and waxing of new floors all over South Western Ontario. Our company is equipped to expertly handle all of your maintenance needs, such as carpet cleaning, floor care i.e. Sealing & Waxing, as well as window cleaning. We specialize in maintaining Banks, Office Building and Heavy Industrial Cleaning. We can save you time and money with our dependable services and reasonable rates.

The Climatic Group Inc. is insured and bonded for $25,000.00 dishonesty and $5,000,000.00 liability for your protection. Furthermore, all our employees are covered under the Workers Compensation Board of Ontario. Honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction are the keynotes of our business.

Our management, when rewarded a contract, will prepare a broad staff scheduling, based on our standard times and tasks related to your premises. This scheduling is taken to the stage of detailed work norms for every position. Our employees are called to a general meeting where our company's expectations are presented to them. As the starting date approaches, an experienced team, adept at scheduling organized and training are used at this stage. They work in each location until all is in smooth operation.

We train all staff in our standard method of cleaning and institute a program of continuous follow-up training and evaluation. All our staff is uniformed. Periodic visits are made by our management to evaluate employee performance, and to conduct a total inspection of their work. They will liaise with you to assure continuity of our common objectives. Furthermore, with every team that we send out to work on a route, there is a working supervisor with them, to ensure the quality of work each night. We believe that close supervision is very important and the basis for our present growth and development.