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Staffing strategy

We take the utmost pride in establishing a secure relationship with all our employees. This then enables us to appoint appropriate staff members, to enhance a condition of stability, and to reduce the risk of staff alternates.

We understand the complexity of business-oriented buildings. Our goals are made to establish trained stand-by personnel for emergency situations that may arise from time to time. These members are trained in such a manner that will not hinder the day-to-day operations of the prospective clients.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Training programs

To ensure the best results of our training programs, our Management Group is always improving the relationship with our clients. This, in turn, helps us to familiarize ourselves with the needs of those in charge of incorporating building specifications of service. Managers have an obligation to update all aspects of productivity and performance during the span of all contracts.

Staff members are trained in all aspects of in-house duties and public relations. Communication is definitely the best key for a successful training program. Duties performed by staff members are taught in the best interest of both staff and client.

An ongoing part of the training process is updating of market products and of the latest in equipment. Our Management Group set training programs in various levels of communication, call response, proper product use, and recommendations that can best serve our client.

Program training frequencies can range from daily sessions to weekly sessions, depending on the circumstances surrounding the aforementioned issues. A large part of our training consists of reviewing operations on a daily basis. All training programs are based on guaranteeing continuity for all concerned.