Head Office & Warehouse:
Tel: 519-570-0405
Fax: 519-570-4104
Email: info@climaticgroup.com


List of services that we provide:

  • Complete Janitorial Services & Supplies
  • Day Porting/Matron services
  • Sanitation Services, Feminine Hygiene disposal Service
  • Entrance mat program
  • New Floor Care-Strip, Seal and Wax!!
  • Refinishing Had Surface Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning – Roto and Steam Cleaning
  • Wall washing, Upholstery and Desk dividers
  • Window Cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Landscaping
  • Construction and Renovation Clean Ups
  • Minor repairs:
    • Replacing Ceiling Tiles
    • Changing and Replacing lights
    • Paint Touch ups
    • Minor Drywall Repairs
    • Grout Cleaning: Re-Grout and Seal

The Climatic Group Inc. is proud to have the opportunity to monitor and supply our clientele with the complete sanitation and Janitorial Products, best suited for each building on “as and when” required basis, which has proven to be cost effective method and is greatly appreciated by all. We do accommodate and supply accordingly to the building needs and the clients preference at all times.

List of the products as follows:

  • Paper Towels & Dispensers
  • Toilet tissue & Dispensers
  • Facial Tissues
  • Hand soap, Sanitizers, Deodorizers & Dispensers
  • Auto-flush Systems
  • Feminine Hygiene Disposal Units Supplied and Serviced
  • Set up and implement recycling program