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Quality control

We understand the complexity of business-oriented buildings. Our goals are made to establish trained stand-by personnel for emergency situations that may arise from time to time. These members are trained in such a manner that will not hinder the day-to-day operations of the prospective clients.

To ensure success for the duration of a contract, monitoring measures are in effect from day one. This is implemented by first charting a course of action, from our Management Group straight through to our staff members. Each person will be responsible for his or her point of action and area.

Each staff member will have a chart of their duties and reporting procedures. Any irregularities found by any staff member will be reported to their supervisor for immediate action.

The supervisor at the end of each shift makes inspections before signing off. Overall building inspections are made once a month to determine the complete performance of the staff and their duties. The manager assigned to the said building conducts the overall inspections.

Quality Initiatives

Our incentive program is based on the performance of work, attendance, working relationships, response to authority, skills in reporting, and communication skills with all aspects of contractual functions. Reviewing these skills with supervisors and managers allow us determine who is best suited for rewards.

Rewards are presented to employees who have an outstanding record in the above mentioned categories. Presentations are made with Certificates of Performance and plaques for years of service. We feel it is extremely important to remember our staff in a way that is memorable to them.

Experience has shown us that the best means of morale is listening to what our employees have to say. Having patience and tolerance is the key to understanding. Many employees lose morale due to the lack of listening on the employer's part. Credit must be given when and where it is due. False promises and high demands are the ingredients for poor morale. Our staff is treated like family with needs and concerns that must be met. Therefore, we meet their needs as much has they meet ours. This is an ongoing commitment that has worked very well, by treating people like people, and not machines.