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Focusing on providing healthy and safe janitorial services, The Climatic Group Inc. comprehensive green-clean initiative helps reduce contaminants that harm the earth and promote sustainability. Our environmentally friendly and responsible approach focuses on the proper training and use of green, chemical-free cleaning solutions as well as proper disposal of any harsh detergents/cleaning compounds.

The Climatic Group Inc. has environmentally conscious cleaning approach highlights the following:

  • Environmentally safe cleaning solutions: we use only environmentally friendly products that promote reusability, eco-friendly packaging and natural materials, most of which have earned the independent Green Seal of approval.
  • Microfiber systems: our microfiber mops and clothes allow us to remove more than 99 percent of dirt, dust and germs using fewer products.
  • Multi-filtration (HEPA/ULPA) vacuums: all our vacuums receive approval through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label program, leaving three times fewer particles in the air in comparison to other cleaning services.
  • Specialized chemical dispensing systems: in order to reduce the impact of our non-toxic products, we train our cleaning staff in the proper use of our green cleaning solution, making sure they use the exact right amount.
  • Floor matting: in every Green Building, recycled floor mats are the first line of defense in preventing contaminants from getting into the building.

A greener workplace for our clients can mean a healthier and more productive working environment as well as a lighter ecological footprint. In addition, green cleaning can help you save money, as cleaning costs can quickly add up to as much as half the total energy costs of an office.

Our staff is fully educated on all aspects of office and environmental safety.  If your office has specific green requirements, our green cleaners can accommodate you!

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you spend your days in a healthy office environment